Thursday, February 26, 2009


The definition of a drama queen is one who turns something unimportant into a major deal; blows things way out of proportion.
This person craves attention and will go to any extreme to attract attention and/or sympathy. We all instantly think of someone we know when we hear the words drama queen. These people are shameless in the extremes they will go to in order to put themselves in the spotlight. Bless their little pea picking hearts....they have no idea that others laugh at them and find them to be totally outrageous. I now have proof that species other than humans engage in this behavior. Here is the proof:

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I am starting a new job tomorrow. After 14 years in stem cell transplant and 2 years in ifectious diseases I am making a big change. I will still be employeed by MD Anderson Cancer Center and will still work on research projects but rather than to coordinate the trials I will manage the area that audits the National Cancer Institute's multi center clinical trials. These trials are conducted all over the world and MD Anderson is the lead center on the trials. I am excited that the new position will include travel (both domestic and international). I know already that one of my big sites will be in Italy. I know as some people near retirement they sort of kick back and coast across the finish line but that just isn't me. I still feel the need to grow and learn and be challenged. I love meeting new people and doing new things so I am excited about this change. Having said that I also know that change is hard (even if it is good change). I am about to have to learn a new area, new duties, new people, a new physical environment, and a very different approach to research. I expect to feel the stress of adjusting to all of this. The one thing that I am very clear about is that I will always do something that will contribute to improved knowledge and treatment of cancer. I am very devoted to the cause. I am fortunate that I chose a career that I believe is my calling at a young age and have been blessed to be a part of some projects that have been significant advances in my field. Some 20 years go MD Anderson gave Greg another chance at life and I will forever feel the need to give back to that great system. So here I go on a new adventure...

Saturday, February 7, 2009


We have a small lake in the community where we live and Elise has aways loved to walk down and feed the ducks. We have about a dozen white or brown regular everyday ducks. Well this winter we have had some new residents move in. I have no idea what they are but we must have 2 dozen of them and they seem to have moved in for good. Anyone out there know what they are???