Sunday, April 19, 2009


Saturday was a very exciting day. About 3 months ago I purchased tickets for all of us to attend Disney on Ice. Little did I know when I bought the tickets that we would have a flood the day of the performance! We were all a little hesitant to venture out as we watched the weather all morning but Melanie said she would not tell Elise we weren't going after doing a count down to the day of the show for the past week. The weather was awful with lots of wind and rain. Jamie was our driver and he was certainly a good sport about it. All of the way there we were observing how deep the water was and sometimes choosing the route or lane that was the least flooded. It was a slow treaterous trip to say the least. Once we parked the rain had let up a little so we got under umbrellas and ran for it. Our seats were second row so we had no issues seeing. It was such fun to watch Elise. She never took her eyes off the show for even a second. Of course the big hit was Tinkerbell!! She just happened to have gotten her own Tinkerbell doll while we were there. It was lots of fun. We went from the performance to eat pizza. Other than the weather it was a great day!

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